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♔ᴊᴇᴘᴘ ([personal profile] daewon) wrote2012-06-04 04:31 pm

my creys

tinkerbelle (12:21:24 AM): http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m52imiFBus1rs97fco1_500.gif
mikky mouse! (12:38:33 AM): lmao what is going on there
tinkerbelle (12:38:42 AM): ... sexual tension?
tinkerbelle (12:38:44 AM): ... hair sex?
tinkerbelle (12:38:45 AM): daejae eyefucking each other nbd
mikky mouse! (12:38:56 AM): and a bit of a hip thrust
tinkerbelle (12:39:27 AM): daehyun just gets excited okay
tinkerbelle (12:39:31 AM): he was probably thinking of food
mikky mouse! (12:39:36 AM): LOL
mikky mouse! (12:39:40 AM): on youngjae's body?
tinkerbelle (12:39:50 AM): these are the things he enjoys most
mikky mouse! (12:39:59 AM): crying
tinkerbelle (12:46:18 AM): ...oh. forgot their live chat is tomorrow
tinkerbelle (12:46:36 AM): probably like an hour of zelo fidgeting and yongguk grunting
tinkerbelle (12:46:40 AM): i'm cool with that

...i should be banned from the internet after midnight tbh.

oh, also friends only and shit.

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